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Gait Analysis

Total Health Solutions has decided to temporarily close Dr. Conley's schedule to new patients, driven by the overwhelming influx of requests for appointments. We understand the importance of providing the best possible care to each individual who seeks our services, and in order to maintain the high standard of care we pride ourselves on, we've made the decision to temporarily limit new appointments. We want to reassure all prospective patients that this measure is taken with the intention of ensuring that each person who walks through our doors receives the attention and care they deserve. Rest assured, we are committed to reopening our books to new patients in the future, and when that time comes, we will make an announcement to inform everyone. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this period.

Here at Total Health Solutions, we love helping people with their foot and gait function and take an education-forward, whole body, person-centered approach to treating our patients. Emphasis on educating our patients, after all, knowledge is power.

 Below we've outlined some information related to our most asked Gait Analysis questions.

How do I schedule a Gait Analysis?
You can call the office at 303-278-2623 or you can book online, here and choose New Patient Gait Analysis. If you schedule any other type appointment as a new patient, we will have to cancel it because our gait specialists need the full 90 minutes to be able to uphold the integrity of care for each patient. Please do not email to schedule an appointment. We only have one practice manager, and the high volume of emails we get daily on top of her other duties, your emails can get lost.  However, please feel free to always email any questions you may have related to your visit to our office.

What should I expect during my gait analysis?
Keep in mind, that each analysis is tailored to the patient. Generally, during a gait analysis, the doctor will review your health and medical history, understand your day to day habits, and discuss your goals related to your foot health. You will discuss good shoes and the role they play in your overall foot health. The doctors will perform tests related to foot strength, you will walk on a treadmill so they can assess your gait cycle to identify any issues, they will take a pedograph of your feet, measure the strength of your toes, and they will give you a plan with "homework" to get you out of pain and return to movement. Depending on your particular pathologies, you may also get shockwave, dry needling, a manual adjustment, A.R.T., or one of the many other tools the doctors have up their sleeve.

What should I bring to my appointment?
You should bring your commitment to your foot health, any imaging you may have, x-rays, MRIs, etc., and the shoes you wear most. Also, wear something comfortable because you will be moving around quite a bit.

Do you accept insurance?
We do not accept insurance. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and we can also take your flex spending account cards.

I need to cancel my appointment. What should I do?
No problem, we know life happens. We have a cancellation policy, which you can read in-depth here

Are you affiliated with Gait Happens?
While we do have a common owner, we are a separate entity from Gait Happens and we do not have access to each others financials, records, or membership. If you are have questions about your Gait Happens membership or packages, you can email;

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