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Jennifer Christian

Jennifer Christian

Chiropractor/ Foot and Gait Specialist

Dr. Jennifer Christian is a third generation Chiropractor from Taos, New Mexico. Her uncle and sister are both Acupuncturists, and her aunt is an integrative body coach. Pursuing a career in alternative medicine was an easy choice.

 Health and wellness determine our quality of life, and that is what she is passionate about helping you find. 

Certifications: State of Colorado and New Mexico Chiropractic Physician Doctor of Chiropractic, Graduation 2013, University of Western States, Portland, OR; Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, 2013, University of Western States, Portland, OR, Functional Gait Assessment Level 1 & 2

Education: Integrative Dry Needling I & II, RockTape, Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, MPS therapy: Pain management and scar release, Visceral Manipulation I & II, Top Down Bottom Up, Cranial Adjusting Turner Style, Applied Kinesiology.


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