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Jennifer Christian

Jennifer Christian

Chiropractor/ Foot and Gait Specialist

Dr. Jennifer Christian received her Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine in 2013 from the University of Western States. She has taken countless continuing education courses as she values learning new techniques to help her patients. She is a third generation Chiropractor, and has two Acupuncturists and an integrative body coach in the family. She grew up in a family with a substantial appreciation and respect for creating a lifestyle that supports optimal health. Everything from healthy levels of quality movement, quality nutrition and supplementation, to stress and emotional regulation and recovery. 

When she is not working she enjoys staying active. Dr. Jennifer grew up playing tennis, skiing at Taos Ski Valley, soccer, hiking, and various other sports. She had her CF level 2 and used to rock climb. She is currently obsessed with mountain biking and balancing that out with weight lifting and lagree. 

In 2020, she sustained a traumatic crush injury to her ankle that required two surgeries. This has further fueled her passion for helping others return to their best quality of life. She understands how traumatic and repetitive injuries alike can create irreparable changes to our anatomy. This doesn’t mean we can’t work with them. Dr. Jennifer is passionate about helping you figure out how to maximize and work with your body as you adapt to life.

Education: Doctor of Chiropractic, Graduation 2013, University of Western States, Portland, OR; Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, 2013, University of Western States, Portland, OR

Certifications: Integrative Dry Needling I & II, RockTape, Active Release Technique (ART) certified, MPS therapy: Pain management and scar release, Visceral Manipulation I & II, Top Down Bottom Up, Cranial Adjusting Turner Style, Evaluation and Treatment of TMJ Disorders and Craniofascial pain, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Gait Assessment Level 1 & 2, Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry.


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