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Joseph LaVacca

Joseph LaVacca

Physical Therapist

Throughout my time as a PT I always wanted more. More for myself, and more for my patients. Through my experiences, time with mentors, countless continuing education courses, teaching around the world, and my own personal battle with depression, I began to question what I could actually do as a Physical Therapist, and perhaps more importantly, what I could do better as a human being.

I began to develop a style of care that centered around education, empowerment, and communication. It was there I discovered the importance of empathy and compassion, and how these tools were the biggest thing missing in my ability to help people in the past. With the birth of my daughter in 2014, these thoughts and ideas became even more clear and helped me re-shaped my view on life and my career.

I started Strength in Motion Physical Therapy in 2018 with the goal of truly being able to deliver a patient centered model that was of the standards I, and patients, expected and deserved. My passions and clinical interests revolve around helping those in chronic pain, particularly of the lower back and lower extremity including hips, knees and ankles/feet.

Through utilization of education, lifestyle and behavior coaching, as well as techniques and systems such as Functional Range Conditioning/Functional Range Release, Kinstretch, RockTape, and Functional Movement/Selective Functional Movement Assessments, I am now proud to offer care the way it was meant to be received, and with one goal in mind - to keep you moving forward.


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